The Highlands play Radiant POP…
What’s Radiant POP?
It is the music The Highlands play… What else can we say?
If somenone knows how to explain a music, let us know who he is… Otherwise the only thing to do is just listen to The Highlands and wonder if you like it or not… Nothing else matters!

“Highlands” means uplands, heights… that zone from which you are close enough to the ground to see the Rambling Lights of the cities, but also high enough to catch in a better way a glimpse from the sky.

And remember: everyone is a city… every crumble of the earth is a city: a colourful and sparkling city with a Rambling Light to discover, with a Rambling Light to deliever!


GABRIEL BAIMAN – Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, drum machine

GIOVANNI RICCARDI – Synthesizers, vocals

PIER BAMBINA – Saxophones, vocals

FRANCESCO ‘SBRE’ RAVASIO – Bass guitar, vocals

LUCA AVETA – Drums and percussion



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